Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tree People, December 7

Rain Barrels are sold out!

If you ordered a rain barrel, pick it up Sunday, Dec. 7, 8:30a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the Grand View School parking lot (3871 Grand View Blvd.)

The next Truckload Sale at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market is January 11, 2015

Stop by the Green Tent for ordering information or to ask the experts about rain barrels. Tree People will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know about rain barrels: installation, care, how to paint them. They'll also have lots of water saving tips. And you'll have an opportunity to see what the rain barrels look like.

Embrace nature's solution to our emerging water shortage, and explore all the opportunities that fresh, soft chemical free water offers.

Local retailers sell these rain barrels for $130-$150. Rain Barrels International and TreePeople ‘s truckload sale lets you purchase them at cost, for $85 each! 
MWD/DWP’s SoCalWaterSmart program offers rebates of up to $100 for up to 4 barrels, making the barrels FREE! 

These barrels are a high quality...opaque, metal parts, food grade re-purposed containers that contained no no risk of ants. You can collect 275 gallons of rain with 4 barrels. 

Rain barrels have been used for centuries. In recent years, high water bills, global warming and water restrictions have all made the rain barrel more than a gardening tool for those with a green thumb. 

Residential irrigation can account for up to 40% of domestic water consumption. Water conservation measures such as rain barrels can reduce the demand on the municipal water system. During a storm, even a light one, it doesn’t take much time for a rain barrel to fill with enough water for your lawn and plants to thrive. And your plants love rain water!

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