Monday, November 24, 2014

Courageous Hearts, November 30

The Green Tent is taking the day off. We're excited to have Courageous Hearts Youth Services return to our space. They'll be selling hand made, high quality scarves, necklaces and bracelets - all made by homeless and at-risk youth. EVERYTHING IS DESIGNED AND MADE BY THEIR ARTISANS. The scarves, normally $30 each, will be on sale for $18. And they'll be unveiling their new Premium line of bracelets developed by their youth.

As a non-profit based in Los Angeles, Courageous Hearts endeavors to bring out the best in each child and teen by supporting them in realizing their own inherent value and magnificence. Since it’s inception just over a year ago, it has delivered food, supplies and uplifting resources to 100's of homeless youth living in L.A. In June, they partnered with the LAUSD’s Homeless Education Department and helped celebrate and honor 85 homeless teens graduating from high-school.

In July, they launched a project called The Courageous Youth Artisans, with the intention to make an even greater difference in the lives of these amazing, and yet challenged teens. Stop by the Green Tent space and see the results. 

Each of their employed teens are INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, and COURAGEOUS young people who have lived through and are living through some incredibly challenging and heart-wrenching times. Some have single parents or no parents around to guide and support them. Some have experienced homelessness, violence, death, and families torn apart by unfortunate circumstances. Despite these obstacles, all have endured and have dreams, wishes, and hopes for a successful future.They are Resilient, Bright, and are the future of our Community. 

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