Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Solar Energy March 3, 2019

Solar Power   

Solution #10 to Reverse Global Warming

Rooftop solar panels are ranked the #10 solution (out of 100) that will will help us achieve drawdown* by the year 2050.  Learn more about current rebates and general information about solar panels this Sunday, March 3, at the Green Tent.  Local solar expert Jeffrey Sugarman looks forward to answering your questions.

*Drawdown  is that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis. It's not a quick fix, but we CAN REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING...if we all get on board and get our friends and families on board.  This is great news for humans and other living things.  It is a plan that invites us to participate at any level we can.   

There are many simple steps you can take (you are probably already doing some of them) to make an impact!  Check out this TED Talk to get the big picture:
Chad Frischmann simplifies Drawdown...

Monday, February 18, 2019

Master Gardeners - February 26, 2019

Return of the Master Gardeners!

With all the rain we’ve been having, your soil is just begging to be planted. So come to the Green Tent on Sunday, February 24 from 9 am to 1 pm and pick up some free seeds and a plant to get you started. There are lots of great gardening articles and monthly tips for LA County gardeners at this website but you can stop by the booth and  UC/CE LA County Master Gardeners will answer your gardening questions, 

This month, they’re giving away different varieties of peppers, from sweet red and yellow to mild anaheims and hot chilis. Get ready to make your favorite warming soup with the leeks you pick up, topped off with your own parsley, already started for you. 
fresh dill

Season it with some dill that you’ll grow yourself. Then add a delicious side dish of sugar snap peas — it’s nearly an entire meal from your backyard or patio!
snap peas

To learn more about how to grow, join one of these four-week Grow LA Victory Garden classes, run by Master Gardeners all across LA, including one at the Learning Garden at Venice High School.

Have a Gardening Question? 
Email with a description of your concern or question. Attaching photos will help the Master Gardener diagnose the problem. OR, you can phone in your concern or question by leaving a detailed message at (626) 586-1988

And please, if you have any empty six packs (plastic, not beer!), let the MGs recycle them next month with even more plants to give away; just bring them to the booth.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Art Walk at the Green Tent - February 17 2019

This Sunday, February 17, you can get a preview of the upcoming Mar Vista Art Walk at the Green Tent!

Created as a means of improving the walkability of our neighborhood, The Mar Vista Art Walk is a fun, FREE celebration of all the arts.  

The quarterly Mar Vista Art Walk events encourage people to get out of their cars and enjoy local art along the 1-mile stretch of Venice Blvd, between Beethoven Street and Inglewood Boulevard. Visitors experience live art and local music, and support locally owned restaurants, galleries, and shops.
The theme for the March 7 Art Walk is Roots! We're celebrating the immigrant communities (most of us!) and the indigenous communities that call Los Angeles home.
Come to the Green Tent, located in the center of the Mar Vista Farmer's Market, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Sunday and find out more about the Art Walk, opportunities to volunteer and what you can expect when you join the fun. And while you are there, check out Mar Vista's new street mural and buy some delicious organic produce or ready made meals.
The Mar Vista Art Walk is a joint effort of environmental nonprofit Green Communications Initiative (GCI) and the community of local artists, with the enthusiastic support of CD-11 councilmember Mike Bonin, the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s “Great Streets” Initiative, the Department of Cultural Affairs, Michelle Pine Rappoport-KW Realty, KW Realty-Silicon Beach, RSI, Earthstar Creation Center and the M & R Vest Foundation.
Plan for the future! Here are the Mar Vista Art Walk dates and themes for 2019-2020:
Saturday, July 13, noon-10 pm: "Get Around" - A joint event with the Venice Art Crawl. All about alternate transportation.
Thursday, September 5, 6-10 pm: "Spectrum" - Celebrating the life of Blaze M. Bernstein and LGBTQ
Saturday, November 30, noon-10 pm (Small Business Saturday):  "Local Paths". A joint event with the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce. All about local enterprise.
2020:  The Year of Future/Perfect
Thursday, March 5, 6-10 pm:  "Water"  All about our oceans.
Saturday, June 6, noon-10 pm:  "Future Vision" - augmented reality, interactive/experiential art to explore other people’s/futuristic realities.
Thursday, September 3, 6-10 pm: "Green Dreams" - urban farming, local produce, cool future green spaces. Coinciding with harvest season. 
Saturday, November 28, noon-10 pm (Small Business Saturday): "Hope"...for a beautiful future.
Visit the Mar VIsta Art Walk page on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or go to for more information.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Swap Society February 10, 2019


Do you love fashion but also have concerns about the impact the fashion industry has on our fragile environment?  If you aren't concerned, here are 3 reasons you should be...

      The apparel industry is the 4th largest industrial polluter and accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions.
      The average American sends 70 pounds of clothes to landfills every year. That's 21 billion pounds of post consumer textile waste per year!
      Less than 20% of what gets donated to charities gets resold.
Click here to learn more... 

"Swap Society is taking swapping to
the next level,: Cristina Lozano,
Style Indigo
Swapping clothes has been around forever. Graduating from simple one-on-one transactions (Hey, Gal Pal, would you like my blue sweater?  I'm kind of over it..) to semi-organized clothing swaps.   Now Swap Society takes clothing swapping and up-cycling to a whole new level.  It serves as a virtual clothing swap for women and kids that gives you equal value for your clothes. SwapSociety members refresh their wardrobes without the guilt that fast fashion perpetuates, with the added reward of saving money by not buying new.