Monday, February 27, 2012

Compost Teana Presents This Sunday March 4th

Compost Happens!

And who doesn't love it? Or should, if you want to make your gardens healthy, productive and alive with beneficial micro-organisms. While eliminating the need for fossil fuel based fertilizers and using the vegetation that would ordinarily go into our land fills, we help nurture the complex nutrients that make all our plants stronger and healthier and have fun in the process.

Compost Teana's Organic Landscape Design & Maintenance

is here this week to show you how to start, develop the best recipes and to answer your questions. They also make house calls, analyze your garden's unique needs and will help with all kinds off sustainable landscape design.

Check them out here:!.html

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Master Gardeners this Sunday February 26th!

Spring is Coming-Time To Get Going In Your Garden!

Master Gardeners are back to help you get your garden in shape for Spring.

Looking for free advice about gardening?
Information on what to plant this time of year?
Or just wanting to pick up a starter plant or seeds for your garden?

The UCCE LA County Master Gardeners are back with free seeds, seedlings and advice to give away at the Market on Sunday February 26th.

While you're there, ask them about the award winning Seed Library of Los Angeles - see this article in the LA Times!

Since 1978, UC Cooperative Extension's Common Ground Program has made gardening possible for many Los Angeles County residents, particularly low-income and traditionally underrepresented families. The program goals are to improve nutrition; increase access to fresh, low-cost produce; offer gardening education; build bridges between neighbors and communities; help create employment opportunities; and encourage a cleaner, greener Los Angeles.
Families learn how to garden, grow their own food and prepare it in a healthful manner. In addition, the program trains community volunteers and Master Gardeners, who in turn, volunteer their time to community and school gardens.

You may want to consider signing up for the Master Gardener volunteer training program!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Native Plant Specialist Deni Friese to Answer Your Questions on Sunday February 19th

Thinking About Going Native?

Spring is almost here and it's a great time to be planting native and drought tolerant plants!
Want to save water? or attract and help feed the hummingbirds, butterflies, bees? or help to save our native plants? or not plant invasive weeds? and have a beautiful yard at the same time? Come and talk with Denise "Deni" Friese, Environmentalist, Master Gardener and local Landscaper who has done consultation, design, teaching, installation and maintenance right here on the West side for over 30 years. After gardening her whole life and a degree in Environmental Studies in 1981, she can help you with practical, down-to-earth information on adding native, drought tolerant, and also edible plants into your life, no matter what your budget is. She can also tell you about adding or converting to a water-saving drip irrigation system.

Why choose native Plants?

Going "native" has never been more important. We now realize that drought tolerant plants are efficient at saving water, and they usually don't require fertilizing. But while they are often helpful to our local birds, butterflies and other and garden-friendly pollinators, some drought tolerant plants can even be hazardous to the health of Mar Vista's ecology. Find out why all plants are not created equal and how to care for your selections from our local landscaper and native plant specialist, Deni Friese.