Thursday, April 25, 2019

Master Gardeners May 27, 2019

More Goodies from your Favorite Master Gardeners

This Sunday, the  UC/CE LA County Master Gardeners are springing into spring with lots of seedlings for your garden — and lots of seeds to start your own. From 9 am to 1 pm, stop by the Green Tent for:
Lettuce Red and freckled, makes a lovely salad
Arugula Spice up that salad!
Cucumbers Make your own pickles!! 

Squash Winter or summer, squash is a healthy veg!
Basil The king of garden herbs

Sequoia strawberries They should leaf out very quickly and produce prolifically 

Yellow and green bush beans 
Not all beans are green, you know…  
Chives They add kick to any dish

Scallions: yummy little sidekick or base for recipes. Itty bitty mini onions, only milder.

And please, if you have any empty six packs (plastic, not beer!), let the MGs recycle them next month with even more plants to give away; just bring them to the booth.

And look here for great articles and monthly tips for LA County gardeners:Garden Tips for Los Angeles County    

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Drawdown April 20, 2019



According to the well-researched Drawdown Project data, if we can shift our habits to reduce food waste and eat lower on the food chain, we will significantly reduce the release of greenhouse gasses, the cause of global warming.

Sustain our fragile planet while you enjoy healthier, less expensive meals.

  Here are some tips to get you started.  Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday and learn more or share your own suggestions.  

Eat foods in their original form.  
No processing to degrade food value, no packaging to deplete the environment.

Grow your own  
Food is right outside your door. What could be more convenient? Don't have space for your own garden?  Help a friend or neighbor with their crops and share the bounty.

Buy and prepare only what you need. 

Learn how experts such as Kitchen Karate help you determine the right quantities of food to purchase and prepare for your meals.  

Save Water
Eat Lower on the Food Chain
Eat Lower on the Food Chain
Replace beef with other forms of protein to save water, money and lives.  And when you do consume animal protein, look into how it was raised.  Choose farmers who use more humane practices at all stages of meat production.

Prepare  and eat meals at home. You will burn about 250 calories for each meal you prepare.  If you have young children, include them in all phases of the process, from menu planning to cleaning up.  You will teach them a valuable skill which is empowering and a money saver.  

Mar Vista resident and Green Committee Chair Jeanne Kuntz is a certified wellness coach.  Stop by the Green Tent and get a free consultation on habit change.  Learn more at her  website, Teaching Wellness .

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Grey Water Conversion - April 14, 2019

What is grey water? It's the "waste" water from your washing machine reused to water your fruit trees or perennial plants instead of being sent to the reclamation plant and then out to the ocean.With a greywater system, every time you do a load of laundry your plants get a good drink and you save money as well.

As everyone knows, California has experienced an extreme drought for many years and it will most likely continue. Water is probably the most important resource for every living species on our planet. Learn how to double the usage of your water!

Green Tent guest Art Lee holds workshops that cover all the information you need to install a grey water system at your house. He's bringing a mini greywater demo system so visitors can see how it works and will answer your questions. He'll also have a signup sheet for those interested in attending a future workshop.

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