Sunday, December 21, 2014

Master Gardeners, Dec. 28

We’re so happy to see you! Great for the garden and if you’re one of the enlightened Mar Vistans who picked up a rain barrel, BRAVO!

The UCCE LA County Master Gardeners are back this month with FREE seeds for you to sow and plants for you to tend. This month pick up one of these delightful vegetal and herbal producers:

Sugar Ann Snap Peas — eat pod and all for a snappy treat

Summer Lettuce Bouquet — European Reds and Greens

Longstanding Cilantro — such a bright flavor

Heirloom Early Rapini (Broccoli rabe)  Eat leaves, stems and flowers!   

Italian Arugula
 — spicy salad greens

Correnta Hybrid Spinach — Popeye knew what was good for us!

Blue Borage — kicks it up spice-wise and OH so beautiful to look at, plus it makes other insects retreat and it’s got medicinal uses too! 

And don’t forget your kitties: We’ve planted up some mixed Greens Gourmet Cat Treat

Please recycle your plastic six packs by dropping them off with the Master Gardeners so they can continue planting seeds to give away at the Green Tent each month. 

Click here for great monthly gardening tips for Southern California. And remember, be water wise; you can get great information online at:

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