Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seed Freedom & GMO-free Zone, December 21


A coalition of Los Angeles area seed and food garden activists launched Seed Freedom LA in 2012 to make Los Angeles a GMO Free Zone! 

Working with our Mayor and our City Council, SFLA will ensure the food grown in our school, community and home gardens remain GMO free! One of the group's founders, David King will be at the Green Tent to introduce Seed Freedom Los Angeles and talk about GMOs.

Many plants are wind pollinated. GMO plants have the GMO gene 

in every cell including their pollen so those wind-pollinated GMO plants (corn and beets are the terrible two right now) can cross with the corn and beets growing in your gardens making your plants GMO. Come by the booth and learn what you can do to prevent your plants from turning into GMO plants!

There aren't many GMO-type commercial farmers here within Los Angeles. Creating large geographic areas which are pure of genetic engineering provides greater security as we save seeds for the future, and do our part to secure our food supply.  
As seed-savers, Seed Freedom LA members understand that our city gardens are great places to preserve heirloom and heritage seed varieties, because the genes won't become tainted by agricultural mishaps. The GMO-Free Zone will create a safe zone for saving and preserving heirloom seeds -- plus growers in the area will be able to call their food "GMO-free"!  Ultimately, a GMO-Free Zone will make great strides toward having a GMO-free local food supply. 

David King is the Gardenmaster of The Learning Garden
 on the grounds of Venice High School, one of our neighborhood's best source for horticultural information.

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