Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Driving on Sunshine October 5

Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday and learn about EV/PV: Electric vehicles running on solar energy. Of all the things Americans can do to reduce energy use and pollution, changing their energy to clean, renewable solar (or wind) and changing their car to run on that very same energy belongs near the top of the list.

Greg Gustafson of Solar City will speak about the economics of solar energy and what kind of roof you need to be "solar viable". For many people, solar is less expensive than dirty energy from the utilities. For them, they are losing money by not going solar. Greg will bring everyone up to speed on the latest in solar energy.

Electric cars are the other half of the equation. If you drive an internal combustion car, switching it to an electric car, or plugin hybrid, allows you to "drive on sunshine". Guest Paul Scott has been doing that for 13 years and will describe the reasons everyone will be doing the same very soon. He'll also discuss the various cars available and the relative costs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Master Gardeners, September 28

The UCCE/Master Gardeners of L.A. County return to the Green Tent on Sunday, September 28th  from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. They can help with your autumn garden by providing information and support in the areas of water wise gardening, pest issues, planting your seeds, soil and compost questions, and more. 

As usual, you can pick up a free plant and two packets of seeds to grow this season. This month the LACMGs have beautiful fall edibles to share with you: Glory Frisée, Italian Roma Bush  and Classic Slenderette Beans, Giant Japanese Spinach, Durket Leafy Dill, Cilantro, Flashback Calendula, Italian Arugula, and Famers Market Lettuce Blend (sweet greens and reds).  Come pick up a plant to put into your fall garden!

Just a reminder: here’s a GREAT link with monthly tips for Southern California gardens.And as the drought continues, please continue to be water wise. You can get great information and tips online at: http://bewaterwise.com.

Thanks to all of you who have brought the Master Gardeners your empty plastic "six packs". They always need more, so please continue to donate so they can keep planting for you! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seed Freedom LA, September 21st

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Saving our SEEDS

A coalition of Los Angeles area seed and food garden activists launched Seed Freedom LA in 2012 to make Los Angeles a GMO Free Zone! 

Working with our Mayor and our City Council, SFLA will ensure the food grown in our school, community and home gardens remain GMO free! One of the group's founders, David King will be at the Green Tent to introduce Seed Freedom Los Angeles!

Many plants are wind pollinated. GMO plants have the GMO gene

in every cell including their pollen so those wind-pollinated GMO plants (corn and beets are the terrible two right now) can cross with the corn and beets growing in your gardens making your plants GMO. Come by the booth and learn what you can do to prevent your plants from turning into GMO plants!

There aren't many GMO-type commercial farmers here within Los Angeles. Creating large geographic areas which are pure of genetic engineering provides greater security as we save seeds for the future, and do our part to secure our food supply.  
As seed-savers, Seed Freedom LA members understand that our city gardens are great places to preserve heirloom and heritage seed varieties, because the genes won't become tainted by agricultural mishaps. The GMO-Free Zone will create a safe zone for saving and preserving heirloom seeds -- plus growers in the area will be able to call their food "GMO-free"!  Ultimately, a GMO-Free Zone will make great strides toward having a GMO-free local food supply. 

David King is the Gardenmaster of The Learning Garden
 on the grounds of Venice High School, one of our neighborhood's best source for horticultural information.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Tree Musketeers September 14th

Our guest at the Green Tent this Sunday, September 14th will be Tree Musketeers.

Unlike most youth groups that are run by adults for kids, Tree Musketeers was founded by third graders in 1987 as a place where kids are boss.  With a mission to empower young people to be environmental leaders, Tree Musketeers operates two programs from its South Bay headquarters.  Locally, the Hometown Program creates a “living laboratory” where young executives engage other kids in urban forestry, youth leadership and public education projects.  The young entrepreneurs then share these replicable models for implementation in other hometowns through their internationalPartners for the Planet Network.  The current thrust in both programs is the Partners for the Planet3x3 Campaign, a multi-year effort with objectives to document 3 million trees planted by three million kids.  Goals aim to create a healthy Earth, inspire youth leadership, establish global collaborations and engage the public.

To learn more about Tree Musketeers visit us at TreeMusketeers.org and sign up for our volunteer mailing list here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Courageous Hearts, September 7

The Green Tent is taking the day off. We're excited to have Courageous Hearts Youth Services in our space. 

As a non-profit based in Los Angeles, Courageous Hearts endeavors to bring out the best in each child and teen by supporting them in realizing their own inherent value and magnificence.
Since it’s inception just over a year ago, it has delivered food, supplies and uplifting resources to 100's of homeless youth living in L.A. In June, they partnered with the LAUSD’s Homeless Education Department and helped celebrate and honor 85 homeless teens graduating from high-school.

In July, they launched a project called The Courageous Youth Artisans, with the intention to make an even greater difference in the lives of these amazing, and yet challenged teens. Stop by the Green Tent space and see the results. They'll be selling hand made, high quality scarves, necklaces and bracelets - all made by homeless and at-risk youth. EVERYTHING IS DESIGNED AND MADE BY THEIR ARTISANS. An artisan will be on hand making customized bracelets for market shoppers. 

Each of their employed teens are INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, and COURAGEOUS young people who have lived through and are living through some incredibly challenging and heart-wrenching times. Some have single parents or no parents around to guide and support them. Some have experienced homelessness, violence, death, and families torn apart by unfortunate circumstances. Despite these obstacles, all have endured and have dreams, wishes, and hopes for a successful future.They are Resilient, Bright, and are the future of our Community.