Monday, June 26, 2017

Peels2Meals, July 2nd

Do you have questions about composting? Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday! Heidi, our guest, is an expert. She'll have  worms at the booth so kids and adults alike can stop by and connect with their vital and masterful Mother Earth tending wormships. 

Heidi is the founder of Peels2Meals, a compostables pickup service - taking compostables (peels, cores, pulp, food scraps, coffee grounds...) from your home to compost to gardens. Heidi's vision is the co-creation of a more and more and more eco-harmonious present-day way of life. 

Notice: Possible cancellation due to rain. Please check the weather before heading for the Green Tent this Sunday. If it's just a light sprinkle, we'll be there. If it's pouring, we'll reschedule Peels2Meals for a more Southern California-like day.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Food Forward, June 25


Learn how you can help provide fresh fruits and veggies to the hungry in your community! Food Forward is a Southern California based non-profit that recovers produce from backyard fruit trees, farmers markets and LA's downtown wholesale market and then donates 100% of what is collected to local hunger relief agencies. 

Food Forward not only battles hunger in Southern California but also works to curb the environmental issue of food waste. Recent studies have shown that 40% of the food in the country never makes it to the table and 20% of what goes into municipal landfills is food. Southern California is an abundant land of agriculture and donating surplus food to the 1.28 million food insecure in LA county is a win-win!

Since forming in 2009, Food Forward has collected over 35 million pounds of produce, which has helped to feed 100,000 clients a month through 300 diverse distribution partners across Southern California. 

Sign up to volunteer at

Food Forward hosts 150+ volunteer-powered events per month so, whether you'd like to pick fruit or go to the farmers market with us, there are many opportunities to contribute to our efforts in providing nourishing fruits and veggies food to those most in need. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Greensulate, June 18th

Green-Roofs and Urban Agriculture… . its for all of us!! 

Have you ever wondered whether green roofs, green walls, or vertical farming might be for you? Did you know that green roofs can eliminate close to 90% of vertical heat gain through your roof during hot days. And both green roofs and walls can be a good spot for growing veggies.

There is much unused space on roof tops and on building walls (both inside and out) and there are many ways to make the most of it while providing important environmental benefits, green space, and increasing your property value.

Find out more! Greensulate has been in the green roof/green wall and urban agriculture space for ten years and they’ll be at the Green Tent to answer your questions and walk you through your project ideas.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Seed Library of Los Angeles, June 11

This Sunday at the Green Tent, representing the Seed Library of Los Angeles, David King (Garden Master of the Venice Learning Garden) will have seed samples and information on upcoming SLOLA events! 

SLOLA is our local organization protecting the diversity of our food supply – come and talk to David regarding the squash he is growing for the season and some tomato varieties the garden is obsession over this season!

SLOLA always has something amazing going on at the monthly Seed Library meetings. Come learn about vermicompost this month!