Saturday, November 24, 2018

Crayontastic, November 25


Yes, there is a second life for broken crayons!
...but our space is still filled with environmental awareness.

Roman (11) and Eleanor (9) are a brother and sister team who collect broken unwanted crayons from their community and melt them in molds to create brand new colorful homemade crayons. In the process, they are learning many valuable lessons about recycling and setting up a business! 

Roman and Eleanor plan to give 15% of their October and November profits to the St. Margaret’s Thanksgiving Food Drive in Inglewood. They will accept any donated broken crayons you want to bring them!

Please support our local entrepreneurs.

Bring your broken crayons!


We've all done it... forgotten our reusable shopping bags or bought too much delicious food. What a relief to find a spare in the Bag Exchange bag, near the Green and Blue Tents. But we are running very low. Please help by dropping off your clean extras any Sunday. Stuff it in the green checkered container or leave it at the Green Tent. Also accepting clean pillow cases for the truly desperate. Thanks for your help!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Greywater - November 18, 2018


What is greywater? It's the "waste" water from your washing machine reused to water your fruit trees or perennial plants instead of being sent to the reclamation plant and then out to the ocean. 

With a greywater system, every time you do a load of laundry your plants get a good drink and you save money as well.

As everyone knows, California has experienced an extreme drought for many years and it will most likely continue. Water is probably the most important resource for every living species on our planet. Learn how to double the usage of your water!

Green Tent guest Art Lee holds workshops that cover all the information you need to install a grey water system at your house. He's bringing a mini greywater demo system so visitors can see how it works and will answer your questions. He'll also have a signup sheet for those interested in attending a future workshop.

A bicycle built for solar power!  And yeah, it works.
Art can also explain how to install your own personal solar panel for small projects or emergency power for your cell phone, laptop, or ham radio.

Art is also a solar energy expert!  When it comes to versatility and sustainability, he has all the info you need to painlessly shrink your carbon footprint.  Come by the Green Tent this Sunday and benefit from his free advice.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Art Walk Preview, November 11

Get a preview of the upcoming Mar Vista Art Walk at the Green Tent!

This holiday season the Mar Vista Art Walk joins the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce for a Small Business Saturday ALL-DAY bonanza on Saturday November 24.

Created as a means of improving the walkability of our neighborhood, The Mar Vista ArtWalk is a fun, FREE celebration of all the arts.  More walking = fewer cars + less greenhouse gas + better health!

On Saturday November 24, the 1-mile stretch of Venice Blvd between Inglewood Bl – Beethoven St. will be transformed by its current theme, INNER GRATITUDE.  Yes! Our wonderful, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and economically supportive neighborhood has inspired us to celebrate YOU.

A Winter Wonderland -- complete with an ice skating rink and SNOW!!! -- live kid bands, fire dancers, carolers, live painting, art installations, experimental video building wraps and live music will encourage neighbors to get out and walk our streets. Presenting partners American Express even commissioned a special new public art sculpture for the event.

The Mar Vista Art Walk is a joint effort of environmental nonprofit Green Communications Initiative (GCI) and the community of local artists, the Department of Cultural Affairs, sponsors Earthstar Creation Center and the M & R Vest Foundation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Getaround, the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce and the support of CD-11 councilmember Mike Bonin, Mar Vista Neighborhood Council, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s “Great Streets” Initiative and presenting partners American Express.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Drawdown November 4, 2018


We know you want to be part of the solution for saving Planet Earth, so which steps are the most effective in actually removing carbon from the atmosphere?

Project Drawdown will help you discover which of the top 100 solutions you are already implementing.  Create your own refrigerator magnet to keep you focused on solutions instead of problems.

Come to the Green Tent this Sunday, November 4 and play the Top Ten Solutions" game. 

Learn what YOU can do to help reverse global warming, and how shopping at the farmer's market is already a big step towards creating sustainable, resilient communities!