Monday, December 24, 2012

The Learning Garden, Dec. 30

Bugs on my broccoli

Flies in the fennel and aphids on the artichoke

They're everywhere!!

What does it mean? Is is something you did? Or something you didn't do?

Gardeners come nose to nose with insects sooner, and more often, than they'd like. Because insects are foreign to us of the modern world, we feel uneasy when we find them on our vegetables. But insects are a part of the world of nature and our gardens are but a window to that world.

How do we deal with them? Do we spray something? What sprays work? When do we apply them? How do we apply them? What are other ways of dealing with pests?

With more than fifty years of gardening experience, 10 of which at The Learning Garden at Venice High School, David King has come nose to nose with a number of critters. His 'post-modern' organic idea of insect and insect control is an easy way to get along with these critters and still grow lots of good food. He'll change your mind about pest control!


  1. OMG. This is incredible. There is sure to be a lot of buzz in that tent.

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