Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Green Garden Showcase Info, Dec. 16

5th Annual Green Garden Showcase

This week's guest at the Green Tent is the MVCC Green Committee! We'll be there to tell you all about the 5th Annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, scheduled for Saturday, April 20. 

Did you attend last year's Showcase or show your garden? Come share your stories and photos with others.

Are you thinking about entering your garden this year? Are you wondering "what is the Green Garden Showcase"? Would you like to get involved as a volunteer? Come learn

  • What makes a garden "green"
  • Things you can do to get your not-so-green garden ready for the Showcase
  • How to enter your garden
  • What to expect during the Showcase
  • Volunteer opportunities
You'll also have an opportunity to see the Green Committee in action. Our monthly meeting starts at 9:30 at the Green Tent. We have several motions to consider.

The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase is like a giant FREE block party. Last year nearly 100 gardens participated and there were over 2000 visitors. Many gardens had guest presenters: environment organization representatives, landscapers, solar consultants, even a Feng Shui advisor.

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