Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Solar Energy Expert, December 9

Which energy source do you want?

Home and business owners who choose solar solutions offset carbon dioxide emissions generated from traditional sources every single day. Generating safe, renewable electricity using the power of the sun helps combat global warming while reducing dependence on fossil fuels or nuclear energy.

You can make a difference! A typical solar power installation for a 3 bedroom, 4 person household will offset nearly 150,000 pounds of carbon during its first 20 years of operation. That’s the equivalent of saving over 10,000 gallons of gasoline. 

Come learn how easy it is for homes and businesses in Southern California to upgrade to solar power. Jeremy Stuart and a few friends visit the Green Tent this Sunday to answer questions and educate people on the current solar energy situation.  

Rebates. Tax Credits. Leases. Loans. There are many programs that make it easy and affordable for residential and commercial property owners to upgrade their buildings with solar electricity systems that 

  • Save the owner a fortune in electric costs
  • Create positive cash flow, locking down the cost of electricity without a large upfront cost
  • Provide service, maintenance and peace of mind
  • Positively impact the environment and the local economy

With strong local companies stepping up to assist in financing, obtaining rebates, installing, and all other aspects of the process, it's never been easier to go green. 

Jeremy Stuart is a local solar energy expertHe works directly with Solar Choice Solutions and American Solar Direct and also makes referrals to SolarCity.

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