Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Energy Upgrade Solutions, Jan. 6

Is your home wasting energy?

Are some rooms in your house hotter or colder than others? Do you seem to pay a lot more for gas and power than your neighbors and friends? Does mold keep rearing its ugly head?  Perhaps your house needs a check up to test how healthy and efficient it is and to identify projects with the biggest payback.

An energy efficient home is a more comfortable home, with fewer drafts, lower energy bills, higher resale value and healthier indoor air quality. Energy Upgrade Solutions will explain the home audit process and some of the sophisticated equipment used. They'll also provide information about incentives currently available for retrofitting and weatherizing homes. 

There are numerous sources for rebates and incentives, particularly from Energy Upgrade California, a state program that is administered and financed by the cities, counties and utility companies, including the LADWP and the Southern California Gas Company. A homeowner can get up to $4,000 back in rebates, along with other incentives for getting an energy upgrade for their home. 

Palisades’ residents Scott Kelly, Susan Sullivan and Chris Hope started Energy Upgrade Solutions as a response to the need to retrofit the existing stock of homes in Pacific Palisades and the Westside. Its primary focus is on energy upgrades and sustainable green building.

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