Saturday, May 25, 2019

Master Gardeners, May 26

Come visit the Green Tent on Sunday, May 26 from 9 am to 1 pm and see what the LA County Master Gardeners have in store for you. 

Pick up a lovely strawberry plant, a mystery pepper, or some basil and delicious yellow pear tomatoes, little teardrop shaped golden globules of sweetness. They’ll be ready in time for your perfect summer salad. There might even be some chives and lettuce, too.

And when autumn and winter come rolling around again, if you pick up an acorn squash plant, you’ll have a perfect veggie side dish, baked, roasted or stuffed. 

As always you’ll get a chance to start your own plants from seeds — everything the Master Gardeners bring, they give away for FREE!

If you’ve been planting and you have any leftover plastic six packs like these, please drop them off to the Master Gardeners so they can continue to provide you with seedlings every month. 

And while lately it seems like we’ve had all the water we need, drought is always just around the corner. So let this be your guide:

Here’s a handy monthly list of things to do in the garden in LA County:

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