Saturday, May 18, 2019

Art Walk - Sunday May 19

Mar Vista ArtWalk is breaking into new territory...literally...

This summer the Mar Vista Art Walk is joining forces with the Venice Art Crawl to to expand this amazing event from Venice Beach to the 405.  Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday and learn more about this latest incarnation of our favorite community event.  
All are Welcome!

The theme is "Get Around" exploring all forms of alternative transportation.  Created as a means of improving the walkability of our neighborhood, The Mar Vista Art Walk is a fun, FREE celebration of all the arts.  

The first Mar Vista ArtWalk was held in December 2015, when the environmental non-profit Green Communications Initiative and local artists came together to encourage community members to stroll their sidewalks and explore their neighborhood “Main Street." 
Now over three years later the ArtWalk continues to bring lovers of all the arts together to support one another and the community. Our mission is to grow, learn, and improve the strength of our community of neighbors, artists, galleries, and small businesses.

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