Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Audbon Society at the Green Tent

Join us this Sunday, April 29 at the MVCC Green Tent.  Our guest will be  Los Angeles Audubon Society.

Harlequin Beetle

The Los Angeles Audubon Society has been teaching local school children about the Ballona Wetlands since 1991. Every year, 2500 students have the opportunity to visit this special place and see the plants and animals that make Ballona their home. 

According to the Drawdown data, Coastal wetland ecosystems are one of the top 100 solutions for reversing Global Warming.
Relative to their land area, they sequester huge amounts of carbon in plants aboveground and in roots and soils below.

Coastal wetlands can store five times as much carbon as tropical forests over the long term, mostly in deep wetland soils. 
At the moment the State of California has a project planned that will bring serious changes to the existing habitat. The Los Angeles Audubon would love to share more information about the future of the wetlands. Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday to learn more about  programs that inspires our future conservationists and what you can do to keep Ballona thriving!

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