Monday, March 11, 2013

The Wynbrandt Farm, March 17

Beyond Organic
     Beyond Sustainable

Secrets of Backyard Biodynamic Agriculture

We are what our plants eat and our plants are only as nutrient rich as the soil they’re grown in. We avoid processed foods. Why don’t we avoid processed soil and compost?

Dubbed “King Of Compost” by The L.A. Times, Steven Wynbrandt of The Wynbrandt Farm provides L.A. with a distinguished Biodynamic compost unlike anything else available on the market. This product of alchemy is essentially soil and growing directly in it produces unparalleled results!
Learn about simple (yet advanced) techniques for growing unfathomable amounts of the highest quality, healing food as Steven shares the recipe for this remarkably vital, biologically and spiritually alive compost. Be inspired to grow consistent daily feasts (thousands of vegetables in a single bed!) and see screaming examples growing before your eyes. 
Steven’s presentation will captivate the greenhorn and the professional garden guru alike.   
In the highest agricultural circles the world over, Biodynamics is regarded as the most advanced system of farming, producing the most sustainably grown, nutrient rich food on earth. Come find out why!

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