Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lawn removal, March 31

Lawn removal made simple...and cheap

Water guzzling and energy consuming lawns are a thing of the past!
Learn the most sustainable way to eliminate your lawn! Pesticides will certainly kill it off in a jiff, but at what cost? Back breaking digging may seem like a necessary evil when you decide to remove your lawn. But there is a better way.  Learn about Sheet Mulching as an organic, sustainable and extremely cost efficient method to use.  

Natalie Cousins-Robledo of Minanda Landscape Design and Beth Edelstein of Beth Edelstein Landscape Design will talk to you about alternatives to lawns, and how to get started. They'll share their step by step check list of all the items to consider before breaking ground. You'll be able to get inside the head of experienced designers as they guide you through the questions they ask their clients. They'll talk about City rebate programs, water catchment systems, plant choices, and design guidelines.     

Discover new and interesting ways to bring drama and beauty to your garden while saving money on water, fertilizers and maintenance. Whether you want a meadow lawn, a dramatic garden, new seating areas or a lawn look alike, Beth and Natalie can point you in the right direction. They will have photos and information on how to get you started on your green path to sustainability. 

Natalie and Beth are two members of the creative team for The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie.

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