Monday, January 23, 2012

Urban Organic Gardener's visit the Green Tent Sunday January 29th!

Apartment Gardening 101

One of the great things about living in Mar Vista is how environmentally conscious the neighborhood and its residents are.

The Green Garden Showcase is a perfect example of that. It serves as an example of how we can all live a bit more sustainably.

Not all of us have that kind of land and space though. There are many apartment dwellers that reside in Mar Vista. So what can they do to participate?

Mike Lieberman of Urban Organics will be our presenter at the Green Tent this Sunday. He can show you how to maximize the little space that you have to grow your own food. Mike is the publisher of where he shows people with little to no land how to start growing their own food so they can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier and not feel limited by their lack of experience and space.

Apartment Gardening Basics

These are written from his own experiences from growing his own food on a 2x3 fire escape in New York City and now a 13x4 balcony here in Mar Vista.

Here are three quick articles that Mike has written to help you get started:

Building a Self-Watering Container for Less Than $5.00

I’ve been making and using these containers since I started. The design has evolved and the results have gotten better. They are easy to make, cost less than $5 and most importantly are effective.

How to Make Gardening Cheap

There’s no need to invest lots of money to create your apartment garden. Lots of local resources are available that are either free or have little cost to them.

5 Things I Learned About Gardening in 2011

The information acquired when gardening used to be passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately most of that information has been lost. Here are some things that I learned last year that I’d like to pass along to you.

And there are plenty more to come, so be sure to stop by the Green Tent at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market to say hello, get some apartment gardening tips and enter to win some great prizes.

Connect with Mike at, Twitter or Facebook.

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