Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Swap Society - June 17, 2018

Save The Earth - There is no Fashion on Mars!

Do you love fashion but also have concerns about the impact the fashion industry has on our fragile environment?  If you aren't concerned, here are 3 reasons you should be...

      The apparel industry is the 4th largest industrial polluter and accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions.
      The average American sends 70 pounds of clothes to landfills every year. That's 21 billion pounds of post consumer textile waste per year!
      Less than 20% of what gets donated to charities gets resold.
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"Swap Society is taking swapping to
the next level,: Cristina Lozano,
Style Indigo
Swapping clothes has been around forever. Graduating from simple one-on-one transactions (Hey, Gal Pal, would you like my blue sweater?  I'm kind of over it..) to semi-organized clothing swaps.   Now Swap Society takes clothing swapping and up-cycling to a whole new level.  It serves as a virtual clothing swap for women and kids that gives you equal value for your clothes. SwapSociety members refresh their wardrobes without the guilt that fast fashion perpetuates, with the added reward of saving money by not buying new.  

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