Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Turn Waste into Energy! January 7

Want to learn how you can turn your trash into renewable energy from your backyard? Then come visit the Green Tent on January 7th to learn all about biogas from HomeBiogas.

Landfills create methane which escapes into the atmosphere.

All organic waste, including your weekly food scraps and daily dog droppings, produces methane. When this type of waste is sent to the landfill, it produces methane which immediately enters the atmosphere where it acts as a potent greenhouse gas and a primary contributor to global climate change.

What if we could eliminate the waste, prevent methane pollution and turn those gases into clean energy?  People just like you  are taking advantage of the latest technologies.

The HomeBiogas appliance is a backyard biodigester which harnesses the methane which would otherwise go unused. Rather than freely dissipating into the atmosphere, the methane is collected and stored in HomeBiogas until it is used for cooking. This creates a sustainable waste-to-energy cycle that not only upcycles a potent greenhouse gas, but also alleviates the reliance on other harmful energy sources and diverts food waste!

HomeBiogas is an Israeli start-up with customers all over the world and social projects in Puerto Rico and throughout Africa.

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