Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DIG - October 31, 2017

DIG Childhood Center is a unique, non-profit, toddler-to-preschool program that provides caring, respectful, and enriching support to children and their families in the cooperative spirit.

Sustainable practices are important to our community. Our families pack healthy, no-waste lunches. We compost. We make choices based on reducing packaging and consumption. We reduce, reuse, and recycle (in that order!) We intentionally use cast off or recyclable materials in our curriculum plans daily. We use products and materials that are not harmful to our children or our environment. 

At DIG, we believe in spending time outside, rain or shine, and connecting with natural materials – plants and trees, dirt and water, stones and wood. Our child-directed program focuses on each individual’s social and emotional well-being. We provide this support via our wonderful Outdoor Classroom, our free-flowing space, and our low teacher-to-student ratio.

Through our program, we strive to create a world of self-reliant, empathetic, mindful, and compassionate community builders: young people instilled with non-violent conflict resolution skills and resilience, living free from shame. We see the whole child and, rather than judging good and bad behavior, we model tools to navigate the waves of life. 

We are excited to be opening our doors at our new location in Mar Vista in the West LA Imago Dei Church on the corner of Pacific Ave. and Grand View Blvd. 

Stop by our table on October 29th at the Green Tent and introduce yourself! As part of our science curriculum, we will be explore magnets and metals with repurposed metal bits and pieces we find at home or at work — jar lids, Altoid tins, old locks, keys and chains, etc. 

We are looking forward to connecting with our neighbors!

DIG Childhood Center
3480 Grand View Blvd.
Mar Vista, CA 90066 

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