Saturday, September 23, 2017

Master Gardeners, September 24, 2017

Join the UC/CE LA County Master Gardeners this Sunday, September 24 beginning at 9 a.m. at The Green Tent. As usual, they’re bringing hand-sown, home-grown seedlings and seeds to give away, and they’ll answer your burning gardening questions till 1 p.m.

Not just good for your tummy but good for the soil, FAVA beans help fix nitrogen in your soil.  
Baby container lettuce will make your little ones feel like giants!
And baby tuscan kale makes a lovely green smoothie, salad or side dish.
Swiss chard is hearty and lasts for years.
Arugula adds just a touch of leafy spice to your life
Sweet william is pretty but also edible! 
Cilantro doubles as an herb and a spice — seeds become coriander, and you can either replant the seeds or grind them into powder for seasoning 
Parsley is always refreshing

If you’re new to gardening, try one of these excellent classes taught by Master Gardener volunteers.

And don’t forget: bring your plastic “pony packs” to the MG booth and they’ll fill ‘em with more plants for the Mar Vista Community.

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