Thursday, May 4, 2017

Art Lee, May 7

DIY Personal Solar Projects

See this vehicle at the Green Tent
Do you have a small project such as a green house, garden fountain or a circulating fan that could be powered by one or more solar panels? Do you have a tiny home or RV and would like power without hooking up to the grid? Or maybe you are a backpacker and would like to have power to charge a GPS, cell phone, and flashlight batteries deep in the woods. 

By now most of us have heard of solar panels. Many people have installed them on their rooftops.  The energy generated by those panels go directly to the "grid", so during a power outage, we do not have access to the electricity they generate.  

Come to the Green Tent on May 7 and learn about installing your own personal solar panel for small projects or emergency power for your cell phone, laptop, or ham radio.

Guest presenter Art Lee is also an expert on home greywater systems. Bring your questions!

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