Saturday, August 13, 2016

Turning Trash into Art, August 14

Do you know the story of Rumplestilskin? A beautiful maiden is tasked with spinning straw into gold. We won’t spoil the ending by telling you what happens, but Mar Vista has it’s own magical tale. 

Federico “Fred” Ceballos finds discarded wood that is either headed for the landfill or, worse yet, sits in our alleys and becomes a home for black widow spiders. His love of art and desire to serve the community inspires him to turn these old desks, chunks of lumber, etc, into wooden “canvases” to be filled with creative paintings. Fred has donated the canvases to local artists, as well as students at our local Mark Twain Middle School and Venice High.

Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday and express yourself through painting on one of Fred’s beautifully sanded wooden canvases. And learn more about how you can contribute to the re-purposing revolution.

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