Thursday, May 5, 2016

Seeds to Plate, May 8

The Seeds to Plate school garden program is our Green Tent this Sunday. Children will be able to make Mother's Day bouquets with flowers from the Mark Twain garden. They'll also be giving away seedlings of veggies and ornamentals. 

Come learn learn about the Seeds to Plate Program -- including how they connect the Garden to the academic curriculum during school time every week. You'll have an opportunity to sign up for upcoming events in the garden as well as find out how to become a volunteer with the Program.

Created in 2010 by six Volunteer Garden Educators, most with Master Gardener training through University of California Cooperative Extension, Seeds to Plate developed an instructional school garden program, using the Mark Twain garden as an ideal place for inquiry-based learning grounded in the outdoors.  

In 2013, the Seeds to Plate program became the first school to sell its produce at their local farmers' market, providing additional learning opportunities to students in entrepreneurship.

The Seeds to Plate Program aims to create and maintain a school garden that is integrated into the academic environment, promote a healthy food culture, nurture physical and mental well-being and provide hands-on gardening and eating experiences for students, families and staff to foster mutual respect, appreciation of diversity, community spirit and sustainability of the earth.

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