Monday, March 21, 2016

Master Gardeners, March 27

Welcome to Spring!

The UC/CE LA County Master Gardeners return to The Green Tent on Easter Sunday, March 27, with plants that sing of spring and seeds just waiting to be sown, free for you to take home when you stop by between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

They've planted up some tomatoes that won’t be ready this month, so make plans now to stop by in April. But they are going to bring:

Heirloom Italian Kale, baby leaf, just perfect for smoothies and a superfood, too.

Baby Leaf Lettuce aka heirloom cutting mix for those delicious spring salads.

French Gold green beans, they're pole beans, so you’ll need to trellis them or put up a stick tepee.

Bush Green Beans, that grow like a bush instead of a vine, so staking isn’t necessary.

Heirloom Broccoli Raab, aka rapini, a constant favorite with the Mar Vista crowd.

Italian Arugula, for the spicy greens lover in your life.

Slow Bolt Cilantro that’s not supposed to go to seed ("bolt") when heat hits.

Italian Gigante Parsley, flat, large bright tasting leaves.

Catalina Baby Leaf Spinach makes baby sized leaves filled with beneficial phytonutrients.

Please remember to continue being Water Wise. We haven’t weathered the drought all that well in SoCal. is a great resource.

And please don’t forget to drop off those empty plastic six-packs for next month’s planting session.

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