Thursday, May 28, 2015

Los Angeles Beautification Team, May 31

Turf Removal help is available!

Visit The Green Tent this Sunday and talk to the Los Angeles Beutification Team. They can help you upgrade your lawn into a beautiful sustainable garden. 

Let them help you create an environmentally responsible lawn conversion to a watershed that collects stormwater, adds trees for energy conservation, and results in a beautiful climate appropriate planted yard. A California friendly garden will beautify your yard, help conserve water and lower your water bill.

LABT provides a total program of water conservation services:
  • Sod Removal
  • Climate Appropriate Tree & Plant Pallet List
  • Sustainable Landscape Designs
  • Grading
  • Drip Irrigation Installation
  • Mulching
  • Rain Gardens to maximize stormwater infiltration.
  • Rain Barrels, rain water storage
  • Simple rain water infiltration methods

The Los Angeles Beautification Team's mission is to improve the quality of life in Los Angeles by empowering citizens to change their environment for the better. 

Guided by a fundamental belief in the power of community partnership, LABT serves entire communities by planting trees, designing and implementing resource conservation projects, and improving school campuses, neighborhoods and business districts.

Through these projects LABT solicits community participation and provide educational workshops and vocational training to at-risk youth and young adults. Each year they plant more than 2,000 trees, remove 3 million square feet of graffiti, and help to improve our communities for current and future generations.

In the past 20 years, LABT has adopted over 140 public schools, hired 2,500 youth and completed 250 mural walls, transforming campuses and neighborhoods throughout the region. Through this work they have also provided environmental and arts mentoring to more than 35,000 school children, inspiring many of them with a conservation ethic and increased civic pride.

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