Monday, March 16, 2015

Master Gardeners, March 22

Well, spring has certainly sprung, apparently having bypassed winter…so drop by the Green Tent and get your salad on!! 

The UCCE LA County Master Gardeners return to the Green Tent on Sunday, March 22, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a whole lotta growing going on. Free plants and seeds will be available to all who stop by. And remember, it’s first-come, first-served till they’re gone.  

Here’s what they’re bringing:

Rainbow Chard “neon glow” was developed from multicolored New Zealand heirloom chard, sweet and mild in flavor

Slow Bolt Cilantro — just what you need in the context of heat waves that come and go. 

Tricolor Pole Beans — Green, Yellow and Purple — you’ll need to stake or trellis these but you’ll be happy you did

Baby Leaf Spinach, “catalina,” — mellow tasting, crunchy textured young leaves, quick growing and bolt-resistant (bolting means setting seed)

Lacinato Kale  Italian Tuscan, delicious nutrition packed thick blue-green crinkled leaves for long harvests

Salad Scallions “parade” with tender green tops and long white shafts, mild but zesty

Rustic arugula  long lasting argula that stays leafy so you can harvest all season long.

Here’s a great link for what to do in APRIL which is just around the corner. 

And for the waterwise among you (we hope that’s ALL of you), don’t forget to pick up great tips at

Finally, please bring your empty six-packs so the Master Gardeners can plant more seedlings for you.

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