Monday, October 20, 2014

Master Gardeners, October 26

Fall is a great time to get your garden growing!  And the UCCE LA County Master Gardeners are back at the Green Tent with plenty of free seedlings and seeds to help you get it growing. 

This time they’re bringing two kinds of peas and lots of other seedlings for your garden.

Oregon Sugar Pod: chunky edible pods, vigorous vines require support, disease resistant

Super Sugar Snap: improved sugar snap edible pod variety, crunchy & sweet, full of flavor fresh or cooked

Kale: Italian Lacinato (dinosaur kale), vigorous dark green to black leaves — everyone’s fave and fabulous for Kale Chips

Heirloom Broccoli Raab: an Italian favorite whose tasty and vitamin-rich shoots, buds and leaves pack a flavor punch!

Italian Arugula: easy to grow, care-free, it’ll plant itself in the future

Cilantro: a heat tolerant variety that’s slow to bolt

Dukat Leafy Dill: an especially sweet and mellow-tasting variety chosen for flavor and vigor

Baby leaf lettuce mix:  a mix of gourmet flavors, colors & textures. Quick growing and delicious
And don't forget our feline friends — there’ll be a few containers of Gourmet Cat Grass, an extra fancy blend of 4 organically grown grasses just for our beloved kitties.

Please recycle your plastic six packs by dropping them off with the Master Gardeners so they can continue planting seeds to give away at the Green Tent each month.

Just a here for great monthly tips for Southern California. And remember, be water wise; you can get great information and tips online at:

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