Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Master Gardeners, January 26

Critters attack Master Gardeners!

Well, even Master Gardeners can suffer from the dreaded curse of critters eating plants, as so many of you have spoken to us about. Sadly, three of the flats we planted have been eaten by something on four legs. We will still have plants for you. As of this posting, the lettuce mix (Mesclun), some lovely herb seedlings and the spicy green arugula are ready…and the little spinach leaves look like they might pop their heads up in time for our Green Tent visit. We’ll gather some more little green things for you as well.

So don’t feel like it’s your fault when nature takes its course! 

Meantime, stop by to commiserate or ask advice, then pick up a free plant and some packets of seeds.There’s a lot you can plant in February, according to Yvonne Savio, the director of the UCCE Cooperative Extension LA County Master Gardener program who recommends some planning so you don’t over plant. 

"February in Southern California means starting a new garden. Sow beets, caraway, celery, carrots, chard, chervil, chives, collards, cilantro (coriander), dill, endive, fennel, garlic, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuces, mustards, green onions, bulb onion sets, flat-leafed parsley, peas, white potatoes, radishes, shallots, spinaches, and turnips. Indoors, start eggplants, peppers, and even tomatoes."

And please: bring us your empty plastic six packs! We will not be deterred! (Here’s a post that might be helpful to us all:

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