Friday, December 27, 2013

Marina DeBris, December 29

Miyuki wearing "Crusastea" in front of
"Aquarium of the Pacific Gyre"
Marina DeBris has been picking up trash off Los Angeles beaches for over 14 years. She uses the found objects to make works of art that help raise awareness about single use plastics and waste.

Come learn about her recent trip to Australia working with groups that are researching the impact of plastic pollution on the marine environment. She'll bring a few samples from 5Gyres.

Marina's also bringing a few pieces for display, including some new ones. You can see more at her website, Washed Up. Come and be inspired…perhaps to make your own art, definitely to reduce your contribution to her raw materials.
Pearls before Swine

The New Year is a great time to set realistic, achievable goals that support a cleaner, greener Earth. What life style changes can you make to shrink your carbon footprint in 2014? Perhaps it's carpooling to work one day a week, planting a tree, shunning styrofoam, packing a zero-waste lunch for your kids…the possibilities are endless. 

Get some help - or give some - at the Green Tent. Stop by and tell us your sustainable resolution and receive an official MVCC foldable shopping bag - just in time for the start of the Los Angeles plastic bag ban. We'll help you stay on track by sending you a reminder of your goal in 2014!

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