Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sunday November 3, 2013
9AM - 2PM

Catching and Harvesting a Precious Resource: Rainwater!

Come learn many simple ways to help yourself and the planet by "harvesting" the rain (collecting it or redirecting it, for example). You can:

Rain barrels make great “green” gifts for the person who has everything!
  • save water for future use
  • replenish and improve our groundwater
  • protect wildlife, wetlands, and the ocean
  • reduce our negative impact on Northern California and Colorado River import areas
  • reduce pollution and energy use (oil and electric)
  • lower your water bill
Denise "Deni" Friese, owner of Eco-Friendly Custom Landscapes and ecologist since the 1970's, is a trainer for the LA County Master Gardener program and president of the Culver City/Westside Garden Club. She teaches  and consults on many aspects of landscaping and low-water irrigation.
Newly-planted rain garden from
2012 Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase

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