Monday, September 23, 2013

Mar VIsta Public Library, Sept. 29


Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday and connect with your local reference librarian! 

There'll be story times for kids. You can checkout the library’s color-coded service map and pick up brochures and bookmarks featuring old and new library services available to all. 

No library card? You can pick up an application. Wondering what the Mar Vista Library's hours are? Come find out.

Learn why the Mar Vista Branch of the Los Angeles City library system is an important stop on your “living green” journey.

What better place:
  • To reduce your spending than to use the library to pick up books, movies, magazines, newspapers, music CDs and audiobooks without spending a dime!
  • To reuse the daily newspaper one section at a time without having to buy the entire paper when all you really need or want is the sports section!
  • To recycle your books, music CDs and audiobooks that have outgrown their usefulness in your home library than to bring them to the library to share with others at the book sale!
And the best part is libraries are free. You can sit in a quiet corner all to yourself or attend programs and workshops: musical performances, face painting and crafts, slideshow presentations, lectures.

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