Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seed Library of Los Angeles, July 7

Safeguarding Our Seeds

The Seed Library of Los Angeles facilitates growing open-pollinated seeds among Los Angeles residents. It is building a library of these seeds and educating all gardeners how to save seeds while creating a community of seed-saving gardeners.

Purple Maize
In doing this, it is preserving a genetic treasure, traditionally passed from generation to generation, and ensuring that multinational corporations do not gain a monopoly on our food supply and destroy this vital resource against hunger. It is safeguarding these seeds as viable alternatives against genetically engineered food, making certain that a portion of our food supply is wholesome and GMO free.
The Seed Library is the continuation of the sacred trust passed from parent to child to grandchild of these seeds and its members understand their role in this pan-generational dance. Learn how to be a part of this wonderful and vital enterprise that allows an individual to fight back against the untested technology of GMOs.

Corn Pollination
David King is the Founding Chair of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, a three year old organization that already has over 600 members and a library of over 300 varieties of seed and is the Gardenmaster of The Learning Garden on the grounds of Venice High School, one of our neighborhood's best source for horticultural information.

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