Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Local Artist James Sullivan, June 16


Kids and adults are invited to make handmade paper at the Green Tent this Sunday. 

It will be wet and messy and fun! A great way to celebrate Fathers Day.

Artist James Sullivan is bringing tubs of homemade pulp, made from old junk mail, wrapping paper, lint, leaves & flower petals, seeds, and other odds and ends. You'll dip small screens into it and press the pulp into wonderful, one-of-a-kind sheets of paper.

The focus is on repurposing and reusing any local items close at hand. You don't need to buy things to be creative & have fun! 
Come early. James needs to leave around 12:30.

James is primarily an abstract painter. He's done a lot of printmaking as well as craft and building projects that recycle/repurpose. Click here to see more examples of his work.

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