Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UCCE Master Gardeners, May 26

Seedlings & Seeds for your Spring Garden

Stop by the Green Tent and see what our wonderful Master Gardeners  have planted for us this month.

Pencil Pod Bush Beans (yellow) & French Filet Bush Beans, "Rolande" (green) in a special 2-Pak. The Pencil Pod is an heirloom variety, popular since it was introduced in 1900 - 6"long, stringless and tender. Rolande is the very best "filet" or "haricort vert" - truly gourmet green beans of delicate flavor and superb quality, 6" pods on strong, sturdy disease-resistant plants. Both are good in containers if you're short on land.

Black Beauty Zucchini. Summer is Squash Time!  Easy to grow, you'll have 6" to 8" fruits in 58 days!

Bennings Green Tint Pitty Pan Squash - Bush Plants. Ready to harvest in 55 days. 

Ronde de Nice, round French zucchini. These tasty little round zucchinis bruise easily so you won't find them in the supermarket. Harvest as pretty little babies, just a couple of inches in diameter or grow them to 3" to 4" and stuff them to wow your summer dinner guests.
Please bring your empty 6-packs
Lemon Cucumber, a true heirloom. Vigorous vines bear abundant crunchy cukes the size and shape of lemons. Eat fresh or good for making pickles.

Bring your gardening questions. The Master Gardeners have answers! Please bring any empty six-pack seedling containers you have as well. The Master Gardeners desperately need more containers for the wonderful seedlings they give away.

June Coming Attractions (they're not up yet)!
The UCCE Master Gardeners are at the Green Tent the 4th Sunday of every month. Here's a preview of the seedlings they'll be giving away in June.
  • Quinoa (pronounced "keen-wa"), Brightest Brillant Rainbow has striking colors of hot pink, burgundy, red, orange, yellow, white and green. Harvest young leaves to eat raw or cooked. Seed heads mature in about 3 months. The nutty grains have a much protein as milk! Cooks in just minutes. 
  • Green Salad Bowl Lettuce. Easy to grow. Popular leaf lettuce. Good in containers. Tolerates heat and is slow to bolt.

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