Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Energy Upgrade California, Feb. 17

 Rebates and Incentives for Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday, February 17, to learn how you can make your home more energy efficient and lower your utility bills. Program representatives for Energy Upgrade CA in LA County will be on hand to provide information about the rebates and incentives (up to $4,500) available for  homeowners who make energy efficiency upgrades to their home. 

In the City of Los Angeles, Energy Upgrade CA is offered through SoCalGas in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

By working with a specially trained Participating Contractor, program participants can get an assessment of their homes’ energy use and specific recommendations to make their homes more energy efficient. Once the selected upgrades are completed, participants typically reduce their energy use by approximately 10 to 45 percent and earn rebates and incentives that help pay for some of the costs of achieving those savings. In turn, homeowners not only save money, but they also directly reduce their impact on the environment by using less energy and make their homes more comfortable and healthy to live in.

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