Monday, October 1, 2012

Transition Mar Vista/Venice, Oct. 7

Transition Mar Vista returns to Green Tent

Learn about Good Karma Gardens--an opportunity to get help starting an edible garden. The mission is to enable people to grow and eat nutritious, delicious and sustainable food, starting small and paying it forward. Whether you live in an apartment or home, rent or own, have a yard or patio or balcony, Transition Mar Vista/Venice welcomes all comers, providing free guidance and help to participants who are willing to show up for each other and learn. 

See a Little Free Library--and sign up for help building your own.  What is a Little Free Library? It's a weather-proof box you can install outside and fill with books to share. People in your community then leave a book or take a book. Little Free Library's goal is to promote literacy and reading as well as build a sense of community.

Talk to Kevin Rudy about his DIY Solar Panels Workshop. It teaches how to put together a personal solar panel and provides resources for finding materials. Explore your own creativity, save money and having fun doing it! Perhaps you can power a light for your Little Free Library. 

Transition Mar Vista/Venice is a local grassroots group with a vision of guiding our community from oil dependency to local resilience. They raise awareness about the issues of peak oil, climate change and economic contraction, and seek to address these challenges through community-building and other projects.

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