Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Theodore Payne Foundation, Sept. 16

California Native Plants

Theodore Payne Foundation member J. Shields tells all

Stop by and learn about the benefits of planting California natives in your garden. Pick up some FREE poppy seeds as well as penstemon seed pods from J's garden. The next month or two is the perfect time to plant natives. And the Theodore Payne fall plant sale is coming up!

J has been growing and experimenting with different species of California natives since 1995. A Mar Vista resident, he knows which ones do particularly well in the Mar Vista area. He'll provide the information you need to get started: soil amendment, garden design and plant selection. He's bringing some specimens in 1 gallon pots as well as books to look through.

California natives use vastly less water compared to a lawn and many other plants found in local gardens. They provide habitat for native birds and insects. Some have medicinal and other native American uses. And they are beautiful, as these photos from J's garden demonstrate!

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