Monday, August 6, 2012

Hands-on Workshop at the Green Tent this Sunday, August 12

Got dirt? 

Sure you do. But mix in a little sand and straw and do you know what you've got? Building material! 

The earth (dirt) beneath our feet is used for building by 80% of the world's population. Some of the most beautiful homes right here in Los Angeles are made of Adobe.  

What if LA's cityscape was filled with earthen buildings? Aside from beautiful adobe Spanish houses, we would also see  self-sustaining Earthships (tires rammed with earth) and hand-built Earth Domes (polypropylene bags filled with earth). 

On August 12th, join EarthWorks Natural Building for a hands-on earth-building workshop. We will make a cob mix  and find out more about the exciting revival of hand-built houses.

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