Monday, May 28, 2012

Aquabio Presents This Sunday June 3rd!

This Sunday at the Green Tent:

 AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. will educate visitors about Green Chemistry and Technologies.   

Green Pesticides, Bio-Controls and Bio-mimicry are just some of the alternatives that are available for home & garden, urban farming, business, restaurants etc.. 
What are some of these new technologies?
Why are they sometimes the better choice?
What do they mean for us consumers who want to make informed, responsible choices?

AquaBio will exhibit some of the latest choice’s and explain why some of these new technologies are so promising.
Through education and displays visitors can see 'that there are safer, 'Greener' alternatives for the home, garden and the workplace. 
For businesses: these products are also have commercial application.
 Stop by and visit with them this Sunday and hear the latest information on these green technologies!

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