Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LA Native at The Green Tent This Sunday April 15th!

LA Native will be at The Green Tent!

Get The Facts

Going Native Makes Sense!

Did you know?
  • California uses 20% of its energy consumption to move and treat water.
  • Up to 70% of residential water goes to watering landscaping in our county.
  • Our landscaping is predominantly non-native tropicals and invasive species that consume on average seven times more water than our native plants.
  • Non-native plants need fertilizers, unlike our native plants that evolved in our local soil.
  • The abundant use of fertilizers has created a huge source of pollution in Santa Monica Bay.
  • Landscaping with native plants does not cost more, and can even reduce maintenance costs.
  • We've lost 90% of our native songbird and butterfly populations in the last fifty years. This is no coincidence. A primary food source for most of these bird species is butterfly caterpillars. Nearly all the native butterfly populations can only eat the native plants.

L.A. Native is a coalition encouraging the use of native plants in phase two of Expo Line stations.

Their goal is simple: get the MTA and Expo Authority to use native species for the station landscaping in phase two of the Expo light rail line.

LA Native began when Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC) transportation advocate Charles Miller realized there was little overlap between groups of people who are advocating for more sustainable landscaping choices and people advocating for more sustainable transportation choices, even though the goals of the two groups are generally complementary.

Palms Station is the first station in phase two of the Expo light rail line, which will travel from Palms to the coast in Santa Monica. As the PNC became heavily involved in plans for Palms Station (including landscaping discussions), the need for LA Native emerged. Miller and other advocates for urban sustainability began to connect.

It’s time to start making better choices for a sustainable urban environment.
Please stop by on Sunday and have a chat.


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