Monday, March 26, 2012

Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project Visits This Sunday April 1st

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation will be visiting this Sunday to talk about this important project.

Their mission: to improve water quality, conserve and rehabilitate natural resources, and protect the Bay’s benefits and values.

The SMBRF brings together local, state, and federal agencies, environmental groups, businesses, scientists, and members of the public to put solutions into action. They dedicate their time and efforts building public-private partnerships, promoting cutting-edge research and technology, implementing pollution prevention and habitat restoration projects, and raising public awareness. Steady and long term efforts and support from the public help to ensure that SMBRF realizes the goal of a healthy and restored Santa Monica Bay.

They work on:

-Wetlands and Coastal Habitats

-Green neighborhoods

-Marine habitats and sustainable fisheries

-Education and Outreach

-Planning and Policy Development

-Restoration and Enhancement of the Santa Monica Bay and other coastal waters.

They will be at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market to share with the public their work in our watershed, opportunities for involvement, and putting people in touch with their watershed by inviting them into the process.

They will be sharing information about their recent and current projects …and how you can get informed and get involved! The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation and its partners have many programs and projects happening at any one time so there is always something

great to participate in!

Some of their current projects are:

-the Ballona Creek Rain Gardens

-Culver City Rainwater Harvesting program (installed nearly 500 rain barrels and two residential rain gardens)

-Mar Vista residential rain garden

-Ballona Wetland Restoration Project and Baseline Ecological Monitoring

-Urchin removal and kelp restoration

-Sustainable fisheries and MPAs

-Stone Canyon Creek Habitat Restoration

Stop by and chat with them this sunday!

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