Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sustainable Works Visits on December 18th

Sustainable Works is back!

Sustainable Works is a non-profit environmental education organization and a project of Community Partners. Their mission is to foster a culture of sustainability in cities, colleges, and businesses.

Sustainable Works offers programs in Santa Monica and now in Los Angeles!

They will be here to sign up willing participants for the next Green Living Workshops, one of which will be offered at the G2 Gallery starting January 25th. Several of us at the booth are happy alums of this important, fun and informative course. See here .

The Green Living Workshop covers the following topics, one per week:

Water | Energy | Waste | Chemicals | Transportation | Shopping & Food

In class each week you will spend time learning about the problems related to each of the above topics on a global, national and local scale. Then with the help of the WorksBook, a comprehensive sustainability primer that all participants receive, you will review ten related solutions.

There will also be opportunities to receive sustainability tools to help participants carry out the solutions discussed during the workshop!

Please stop by to have your questions answered to and say hello!

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