Monday, November 14, 2011

EnerGtech Experts this Sunday November 20th

EnerGtech Experts  are a geek-squad-of-sorts assisting home owners and businesses to find energy savings with the g-Meter™. The g-Meter is a “smarter” meter that accurately measures, every 5 seconds, the electricity used by lights and individual appliances in the home. The homeowner can then watch their consumption in live real-time from any web-connected device on their own secure account at
When the homeowner’s utility rates are entered, the g-Meter™ will show what each appliance is costing the homeowner in real-time. If a light or appliance is left on too long, the system can send an email or text message to the homeowner and with additional remote controls, the homeowner can turn them off from their smartphone or computer.
By measuring our energy consumption precisely, we can then understand how to manage our consumption and begin to find alternatives on how to lower it. There is no more guess work on how to lower energy bills. Measurement changes everything!

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