Monday, March 19, 2012

Windward School Will present This Sunday March 25th @ The MVCC Tent...

The MVCC Tent is just next door to the Green Tent. We are all looking forward to a very lively and educational day at the Market this day with three presentations all sharing our two spaces!

Windward School Be Vocal-Eat Local

"We are a group of four seventh grade students that want to make a difference through local food in our community! We think that the problem is that people aren't aware of the products inside the food they're eating. But the good thing is, ALL local foods are produced and manufactured naturally. It also saves energy because imported foods use up a lot energy flying across the world. Some statistics show that the average distance food travels is about 1,500 miles. Buying locally grown food can save a lot of energy from packaging and shipping out of state grown food. Buying locally grown food is much more fresher, tastier, and healthier."

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