Monday, March 5, 2012

Farmscape Presents This Sunday March 11th!

Quit Landscaping.
Start Farmscaping!!!
Farmscape will be visiting our tent this week.

Farmscape will help you grow your own food!

Did you know that Los Angeles used to be a city of citrus groves and thriving agriculture?

Farmscape is bringing the farm back into the city one yard at a time. Join the movement!
We are available to hear the people's request for ReFarm and how we can work to implement our vision of urban farms across Los Angeles to make it the urban farm capital of the US.

Farmscape which is the largest urban farming venture in Southern California. They started in 2009 after a group of recent college graduates saw a need to change the food system, to provide access to quality food across the city and to bring sustainability to landscapes in Los Angeles. They have installed over 200 gardens across Los Angeles and weekly farm 100 of those plots. Since 2009 they have helped homeowners and schools grow over 35,000 pounds of fresh food.

"We design with an urban farm architect on staff, install, and weekly farm garden plots for people all across Los Angeles. We have also added home orchard culture to our list of services so if you need help maintaining your fruit trees please come and visit us at the Green Tent this Sunday!"

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