Friday, December 7, 2018

Solar Panels - December 9 2018

Solar Power   

Solution #10 to Reverse Global Warming

Rooftop solar panels are ranked the #10 solution (out of 100) that will will help us achieve drawdown* by the year 2050.  Learn more about current rebates and general information about solar panels this Sunday, December 9 at the Green Tent.  Local solar expert Jeffrey Sugarman looks forward to answering your questions.

*Drawdown  is that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis. It's not a quick fix, but we CAN REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING...if we all get on board and get our friends and families on board.  This is great news for humans and other living things.  It is a plan that invites us to participate at any level we can.   

There are many simple steps you can take (you are probably already doing some of them) to make an impact!  Check out this TED Talk to get the big picture:
Chad Frischmann simplifies Drawdown...

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Protect Playa Now

Join us at the Green Tent this Sunday in imagining clean air! learn about actions you can take to help protect our community. Protect Playa Now will have a prototype of an air quality monitor currently in design to detect combustible gases. The monitor is a citizen science effort with plans to create a network throughout the Westside and help keep us safe.

Protect Playa Now is a collection of concerned citizens mobilizing to protect Playa del Rey and surrounding communities from the threat posed by the SoCal Gas Natural Gas Storage Facility. 

The facility, located south of Culver Blvd and west of Lincoln Blvd, has an unsafe track record and puts our community at risk. When pressure builds and the company needs to release gas, toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, and n-hexane, (a neurotoxin) are released into the air...the air our community breathes! Cumulative exposures to these chemicals can pose serious risks to the health of those living nearby. 

We have the ability to transition to real clean energy and ensure a future of climate resiliency, good green jobs and healthy communities. Click here to learn more about Protect Playa Now and their work.